Low and high risk merchant accounts for E-business


Whatever your business, being able to accept payment by bank card offers essential added value. You simply debit your customer’s card through a simple secure connection to your interface. Your account is then credited anywhere in the world. This system automatically provides access to all bank cards and allows you to offer different payment options but also to establish a company catalog in the currency of your choice.

Different types of payment

You can use and offer your customers deferred payment, direct payment, payment in installments, and you’ll also be able to handle subscriptions.

Benefits and operation

You can access a dedicated banking platform with secure access and manage your company’s merchant account from anywhere, thanks to the internet!

Different types of cards

This system automatically provides access to all Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB cards; this way, all customers can use the payment-by-card option.


Depending on the activity you do, and the risk thereof, transaction costs can vary from 5% to 8%, taken directly from the amount charged to the customer. At month’s end, the total amount is paid into your bank account.

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