Setting up a marketplace

Pick the best country to open your own marketplace. Simply present us your business idea and we schedule an online teams meeting to get recommendations on where to incorporate. You don’t have time for that? Simply buy a ready made solution for your marketplace.

What to consider?

We know how its done and what you actually need:

  • PSD 2 analysis;
  • agency model;
  • payouts;
  • payment gateway;
  • B2B contracts;
  • GDPR application;
  • domain name;
  • T&C;
  • IP protection;
  • fund rasing posibilities;
  • cryptocurrencies, tokens and NFT’s being part of your business model;
  • KYC and AML policy.

Why us?

Are you tired of services providers failing to reply to your e-mail? You don’t know what is your case status? Do you feel that your lawyer is learning the topic with you?

If your answer is positivie, consider contacting us. You get instant replies, online platform to monitor your case and 40 lawyers with more 12 years of expertise.

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