Opening an account for your e-business

Opening an bank account in Switzerland – Cyprus – Latvia

Whether for your company or for you personally, we open your account with our partner banks in several countries depending on the type of account you want, deposit account, term deposit account, checking account, we have carefully selected a number of banks to bring you an account with:

  • Internet access,
  • Visa / MasterCard cards,
  • Merchant Accounts;
  • IBAN

The selected bank must offer a Banking interface, that won’t restrict the amount of incoming or outgoing, but will provide excellent customer service, allow the obtaining of Visa or MasterCard cards, be able to answer questions remotely, and allow you to obtain a Swift confirmation on your payments and track your online accounts freely.

In all cases regarding opening an account, we are committed to success, being aware that a company without a bank account serves no purpose. If the outcome is in doubt, we will notify you, and if we fail (less than 1% of cases), we will refund in full.

Our panel of banks allows us to open any type of bank account, whatever the amount you are prepared to deposit when opening it.

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